Big Future:

BigFuture provides depth and context for almost 3,694 colleges. They have search filters including sports & activity, diversity, academic credit, etc. You can assess if each school is a safety, match, and reach based on SAT scores. 

Ed Gov - College Navigator:

College Navigator allows access to detailed data for 7,000+ colleges. The comparison tool is a helpful way to figure out which schools you should apply for. 

College Greenlight:

College Greenlight has resources specifically for first-generation, low-income students of color. Students can create a profile and can search for schools and scholarships by category. Plus, the website includes a “what are my chances tool” for assessing safety, match, and reach. 


College Board Award Letter Calculator:

Use the College Board’s calculator to compare your financial aid awards. First, you’ll need the award letters for all the colleges you are considering, along with any accompanying materials.

U.S. Department of Education College Cost & Transparency Center:

Use the College Affordability and Transparency List to determine which colleges have the highest and lowest tuition prices. You can also check out their Net Price Calculator Center to find your specific school’s calculator. 

Mapping Your Future:

Use the Debt/Salary Wizard to determine how much you can afford to borrow in student loan funds based on your future expected earnings. Plus, you’ll establish the salary you will need in order to afford your student loan payments.



Click “start your search” and register. The more information you provide, the more scholarships it will pull into your list. Then click “see matches.”


Look for scholarships dedicated to your major, extracurriculars, location, life circumstances, and much more. The more niche a scholarship is, the better the odds that you’ll earn it!


Find and apply for scholarships by the deadline, major, age, and other factors.